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“Over the years Annette has adjusted to the changing tools of technology to keep Green Tech in a strong fiscally healthy status and without her diligence, meticulous attention to detail, patience and flexibility, Green Tech would not be the strong non­profit, providing vital career technical education and community service it has provided for the past eight years. Thank you Annette and the @Your Request team.”

Simeon Gant, Founder and Executive Director of
Green Technical Education and Employment

“I want to thank and compliment you on the great service you provide to my company. For a small company to have the professional office and bookkeeping services, you provide, on an on call basis, is a true blessing. Thank you for the great work, and I look forward to being a client of yours well into the future.”

Duane Ernst
Owner, a2z Industrial Air Compressor & Equipment

“Having more time to spend with my family is the reason I use @ Your Request’s virtual office support service. Before turning to @ Your Request, I was overloaded with association detail work. @ Your Request has lightened my workload and allowed me to focus more on the management of the association.”

Terry Prince
Organizing consultant and past president of NSGCD

“Annette’s upbeat disposition and ‘can do’ attitude, combined with her excellent skills, has made @ Your Request a valuable resource for me as a business owner and busy parent.”

Janet Greenwood, Ph.D.

“Annette has been a joy to work with. She is extremely reliable, efficient, and organized. Her office staff is always friendly, courteous, and reliable. She has contributed to the bottom line of my business; @ Your Request has allowed me to spend more time with my customers.”

Rachel Johnsen, Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics

“Annette and her team from @ Your Request have been our right hand resource for many years. I count on Annette to get us squared away with anything that we need whether it’s payroll or end­ of ­year accounting reviews. Annette has helped us wade through the jungle of government red tape and certification applications with ease.

She is a trusted bookkeeper who I know to be honest and hold client information with the utmost care and confidentiality. It doesn’t end there. Annette is also a viable resource for networking. If you need to find someone to fill a small business need, Annette just might know the right person to refer. Working with @ Your Request is a win-­win relationship for our small business.”

Coreen Cecil,
President of Cecil & Cecil Enterprises, Inc.

“I have been a client of @Your Request for several years. They are absolutely the best at helping us with all of our bookkeeping and other administrative needs. Their service has been one of the best investment decisions I have made for my various companies. @ Your Request has saved me countless hours and money. Working with a company that I can count on, has allowed me more time towards growing my companies.

@ Your Request is knowledgeable and dependable. The staff is a pleasure to work with; they are friendly and always willing to assist with prompt and thorough service. Their “can do” attitude is contagious. They also have an excellent newsletter that is informative and enjoyable to read.

I would recommend @ Your Request to anyone needing help with bookkeeping or other business tasks needed to maintain their business. They will find as I have: peace of mind and higher profits.”

Tim Murphy,
Owner, Murphy Construction